Inno Gialuron

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Product: Cream
Weight: 40ml


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  • Anti-aging booster with hyaluronic acid
  • Reducing wrinkles and protecting the skin from environmental stress factors
  • Regular use of the booster makes the skin smooth and radiant
  • Firm facial contours. No more sagging
  • No excessive dryness, irritation and rashes


Active ingredients
– Hyaluronic acid;
– Folic acid;
– Seaweed extracts.


Mode of application:


Clean your face
Remember to use warm water and a mild soap to remove impurities. Always rinse with cold water.

Apply Tonic
With your face very clean, apply with your cotton disc your favorite facial tonic giving soft touches.

Apply Inno Gialuron
Massage a small amount of Inno Gialuron around your eyes, forehead, corner of your lips and then all over your face.










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